Smarten up, 2011 Part 2

As previously mentioned, 2011 has been an asshole.  Things actually got worse since the last post, with my dad getting terribly ill and being hospitalized, more earthquakes, tornadoes and so forth, and me having a minor bout of crazy due to all the stress.

But fuck that.  I declare this shit to be over.  You can’t crush me, universe.  Life is the best thing, even when it’s being shitty.

From now on, I’m bringing the thunder.


…whatever that means.



  1. EnnVee

    Keep your head up sweetie, it has been a hard year on alot of people I know, but know you have my blessings and support because you are a great person and deserve a break from everything. I send prayers for your dad and hope mother nature gets off her rag soon and leave you guys alone.

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