New Comics 27-8-08

I like how it’s progressing, though for some reason I had a hard time remembering exactly where I was last time, perhaps because of the intervening JSA Annual with Powergirl stuck in Earth-2. The book’s as solid as ever, and I didn’t see a couple things coming, so it gets points for that. Recommended!

It’s not bad. Not bad at all. There’s a little of the Iron fist magic that’s subsided since Fraction and Brubaker left two issues ago, but, like the last issue, this one’s still running of their momentum and storyline, so it’s quite good. The art, sadly, has taken a downturn in my opinion, though some of that may be due to how the hell do you draw a dude with a head in his neck amirite? That said, if they keep the book going like this, I’ll happily keep buying it.

These continue the trend of Bendis filling in the hows and whys of Secret Invasion, and I’m still enjoying them. New Avengers shows just how far the Skrulls went in order to enact this invasion, and I suspect if Reed Richards ever finds out, he’s going to get might pissed. The smartest man on Earth is the key to the Skrull invasion, though he doesn’t know it.

Mighty Avengers deals with Skrull Pym, well Pyms, actually, and how they keep going off the rails. Apparently there’s something inherent in Hank Pym that keeps making Skrull duplicates go native. Is it ‘cos he’s unbalanced, or is he maybe more heroic than we give him credit for? I guess we’ll find out.

I liked New Avengers better (which is a trend), but I’m also interested to see what Pym’s destiny is. Also, I’m fairly sure this issue is Bendis’ way of addressing a possible continuity gaff that showed up a couple months ago when Pym was in two places at once, but if so, that’s really impressive turnaround time.

Good books this week, overall.


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