FanExpo Toronto 2008!

I had a great time. As seen below, I got to try out Champions Online and chat pretty extensively with the lead developer.

I also got to meet perhaps my favourite artist ever, Adam Hughes. He seemed kind of shy, and I unfortunately arrived as he was being interviewed, so I didn’t really get to speak to him. However, his lovely fellow artist and girlfriend Allison Sohn was pretty wonderful, and they both remembered my ridiculous “Baroness in a Nun’s Habit” photoshopping of Adam’s rejected GI Joe cover.

On top of that, I got to see Alex Maleev again, and got a couple more signatures, though sadly I was too late to get a sketchbook, and too poor to get a custom sketch.

There was no sign of Alex Ross, whom I suppose had a private room or something, but I did manage to find Stuart Immonen, who was the artist on my favourite book ever, Superman: Secret Identity. Apparently, he no longer sketches at cons, which is sad, because I’d have loved to have had one, but I did buy a copy of his book “50 Reasons to Stop Sketching at Conventions”, which seemed ironic. He inscribed it, “I’m no fun”, and it makes me laugh.

Worth $25? Yup. I still don’t know how people spend three days at these things, though.

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