New Comics day! 30-4-08

Here’s what was in today’s batch:

DC Universe #0 – The whole issue is basically a set up for the Final Crisis, and the storylines leading into it. Someone’s omnipotently narrating over scenes of JLA (and former JLA) members going about their business. So Superman’s in the future with the Legion fighting some grand evil, Batman’s visiting the Joker in Arkham talking about about someone hunting Bruce, Wonder Woman’s fighting a minotaur and the cast of 300 are pissed off, etc. The whole thing is a glorified ad, really, but it’s pretty interesting (especially for 50¢), and hints very strongly that a once-dead hero has returned, which should get plenty of geek tongues wagging.

New Avengers #40 – We know now why the Skrulls can’t be detected, and what they’ve been up to. We also know that their king is a little to the right of crazyville, but he’s gone now, so it’s okay. We also know that they’re able to replicate pretty much anyone that want to, and have cracked our genetic code. We also know that the Skrulls are on a religious crusade to take their prophesied new homeworld. Three guesses which world that is? Oh, there’s also a big dun dun DUN at the end. Light on action, but heavy on exposition.

Black Summer #6 – Everything’s gone to shit, and I can’t even remember who half the characters are anymore because it feels like forever since the last one came out. Note to self: buy Ellis’ weird indy stuff in trades ‘cos it’s easier to follow. Overall, stuff happens, lots of carnage, and I’m glad it’s ending next issue.

Iron Fist #14 – The end comes finally, and it’s not what I expected. Sure, there’s fighting galore, and mayhem, and carnage, and Danny exploding-punches a damn train, but there’s a few surprises left, and maybe there’s hope for this series after the current team leaves. Why do I say this? Two things: Xao’s last words and the Immortal Weapons. We’ll see what happens next, I guess, but these two arcs will be hard acts to follow.


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