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Well, I’m a day late, but so be it. Here’s this week in comics.)

Mighty Avengers #12 – No more thought bubbles!! Great issue. Great art.  The book gives a nice look into what Fury’s been doing, and who he’s recruited to help him keep tabs on things. I missed the subtle touch with Fury’s hair showing the passage of time the first read through.

Keep that photo wall double-page spread to refer back to in the next few months!

Was that Hulk or Hulkling in the centre?
Is Patriot on there twice? (Top right, bottom middle?)

(Okay, turns out I was wrong about the hair. It was just a disguise. Way to put me in my place, Maleev!)

Batman #675 – Kind of disappointing.  I hope this chick isn’t the reason Bruce stops being Batman.  “Jezebel Jet”?  Seriously?  Nothing really happens.

It’s basically filler until next month where Batman RIP starts, and I decided whether or not Grant Morrison must die.
JLA #20 – Apparently Flash has been slacking off and not JLAing enough, so Wonder Woman comes to give him a lecture.  I haven’t honestly noticed he wasn’t around and wasn’t even aware that he’d become a member again.  Is that my fault, or the writers’?  I don’t know.

Anyway, Diana and Wally go fight the Queen Bee and the stuff on the cover never happens and Wally uses being crazy-fast to wrap the whole thing up in a neat little bow.

Interesting note: apparently, Wonder Woman can fly at least 1800mph.  That seems awfully fast, but what do I know?

Tune in again next week!



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