Legends of the Foo – Part 3

My dad worked at the theatre for a long time, almost until he left Singapore for England. This allowed him to meet some movie stars when they were doing premieres, including one of his idols, Frank Sinatra.

The most interesting one, however, was a young actress named Hayley Mills who had debuted in the 1959 picture Tiger Bay. (“You know that girl. The one from the movie. She always licked her lips,” he told me.) Assigned to shepherd her around the theatre during the premiere, he found himself escorting the 11 or 12-year-old when the fans and media busted through a side door and swarmed into the theatre. Thinking fast, he did what you might do with any other kid her age: he basically just scooped her up and ran.

He made for the elevator to the top floor, jostling through the crowd. I’m sure it looked very dramatic and heroic. Well, at least until the part where he got to the elevator door, then fell through into the waiting car, he and Ms. Mills landing in a pile on top of each other in the lift in their evening best.


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