Comics 11-6-08

Moon Knight #19
The issue ties up the arc with Black Spectre and the crazy weaponry he stole from SHIELD/Stark. (Or from the guy that stole from them, more accurately.) Basically, he wants to make the crowd at a “Real Heroes of the Initiative” (IT people and secretaries) parade into his slaves. Spector does the hero thing and the whole issue ends with Spector (not Spectre) watching SHIELD dismantle his home.

What’s going on here? He’s standing just up the street watching them move his stuff. Is he under arrest? There’s no guards around? Why don’t SHIELD know who he is? And what’s really up with he and Khonshu?

The next issue is a completely new team doing a story with Werewolf By Night in it, so I don’t know if these questions will be addressed there, or if they’ll be dropped completely.

Angel #9 (I think)
The last in a series of issues made up of a short stories. This one focuses on the electric girl, some crazy dude, and Gunn, whom we now know was vamped in the final battle at the end of the TV series.

It’s all still fillerish, but provides some background to the main storyline, explaining where people were and what they were doing when L.A. became HELL.A. The problem here is that I don’t really care about the electric chick, even though she was mega hot in the show, and I don’t even know who the End Is Nigh crazy dude is, so it’s essentially a full-length comic and price for maybe 6 pages of Gunn’s story, which wasn’t all that illuminating when you get right down to it.

Eternals #1
Kicking off from the somewhat disappointing Gaiman mini-series, this new Eternals series focuses on the internal power struggle with the good and bad Eternals, and whether they can come together in time to fend off “the Horde”, which seem to be flying space bugs. It’s a serviceable enough beginning, but, hello, did nobody realize they just did TWO Annihilation series?

Well, whatever the case, the Daniel Acuna does the art, so I think it’s gorgeous and is a heck of a step up from Romita Jr. (sorry, true believers!), and the story was decent. In the end, however, it does seem like it’ll read better as a trade, but don’t they all these days?

Green Arrow and Black Canary
Another fun romp. This book’s one of my favourites. GA and BC found Plastic Man frozen last issue, and thaw him out. Meanwhile, Speedy and the Brit are watching a farmhouse. Thankfully, action ensues, and we get a big fight scene, and some fun interaction between GA, BC and Plastic Man as they wait to hear from Speedy.

It doesn’t sound like much, and it really isn’t, plot-wise, but it’s a nice introduction to a few new characters, a fight, and the arrival of another of GA and BC’s friends, and the promise of a great issue next month!

New Universal: Shockfront
This one is pretty great. We’re introduced to a couple new powered individuals, and get some insight into how this universe differs from both our own, and the 616. Cool stuff, really. It’s a non-heroed universe, but some familiar names pop up, and we get another peek at the Watchman-like history of the world.

It’s all building up to something (I hope) and, thankfully, for once I have no idea what the long game is just yet. Go Ellis.


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